AI-course for Managers giving an overview of AI technologies and applications in enterprises

This course reveals the great potential of AI for enterprises from a management perspective. At the end participants will be able to discover and reveal possible AI applications in their own companies and plan such AI projects realistically.

The course demonstrates many real world applications that can be implemented relatively easily. Many of these applications are in marketing / sales and in the manufacturing sector.

The course gives an overview of the key technologies, how they work, the best software tools and frameworks and their pros and cons.

The most important aspects when implementing AI projects will be discussed.

No prior knowledge or AI related prerequisits are necessary in order to participate.

The Details of the course:

1) Introduction

  • Short historic overview of the milestones of AI.
  • The newest developments in AI.
  • Economic implications of AI.
  • Definition of an AI model.
  • Measuring the quality of an AI model.

2) Programming languages and software tools

  • Most used programming languages for AI, their pros and cons.
  • Most used software tools and frameworks, pros and cons.

3) Supervised Learning for structured data

  • Definition of Supervised Learning
  • Random Forests, Gradient-Boost.
  • Which tasks can be solved with these methods.
  • Many real world example applications.
  • One detailed example application for predictive maintenance and campaign optimization respectively.

4) Unsupervised Learning

  • Definition of Unsupervised Learning.
  • Demonstration of the different behaviour of different algorithms.
  • Many real world examples. Important aspects to consider.

5) Neural Networks

  • Short history of neural networks.
  • Design of a neural network.
  • Which tasks are neural networks best for.
  • Challenges when designing a neural network.
  • Transfer Learning.
  • Real world example application in manufacturing using transfer learning.

6) Reinforcement Learning

  • Philosophy of reinforcement learning.
  • How agent, environment, state and reward interact with each other.
  • Applications of reinforcement learning in robotics.
  • Applications of reinforcement learning in the platform economy.

7) Natural Language Processing

  • Short history of NLP.
  • Main tasks solved with NLP, text recognition and semantic text understanding.
  • How to use NLP in an enterprise.

8) Artificial General Intelligence

  • Definition of AGI.
  • Calculation methods, when AGI will appear.
  • What respected personalities of the scene think about AGI.

9) Potential and dangers of AI

  • Dangers of AI within an enterprise.
  • Potential and dangers for society.

10) Open Discussion about Participants’ AI application ideas

Last but not least all participants are invited to discuss their own AI application ideas with the other participants and the trainer.

The course duration is one day. There are no restrictions on the number of course participants. Our prices are competitive. (Price list).

If you are interested in this course, please send us a message, since we plan courses dynamically on demand. We also offer inhouse and online courses.