IT Courses

Our data science courses are hands-on courses and use the programming language Python. We encourage participants to bring along their own laptops with the operating system of their choice (Mac, Windows, Linux). Participants should have administrator rights to install Python packages, at least in a virtual environment. Ideally, you already have your favorite Python text-editor or IDE, Python and a Python package installation tool like “pip” installed on your laptop.

The courses can take place in-house in your company, otherwise they take place at our home base in the Stuttgart area. We plan courses flexibly on demand and offer to give the courses in Europe. The course material is in English. All our instructors speak English and German fluently and some can explain matters in French, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian.

If requested we can deliver a mix or shortened versions of our standard courses, which are:

  • Python Course (5 days, teaches the core of Python needed for data scientists.) Details
  • Pandas Course (5 days, teaches spreadsheet data programming) Details
  • Scikit-Learn Course( 5 days, teaches the maschine learning tools) Details
  • Deep-Learning Course (2 days, teaches Deep Neural Networks) Details