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We are data scientists offering the following services to you:

Courses in data science and machine learning

Our courses are aimed at data analysts, managers and engineers who want to acquire or improve programming skills for data manipulation, visualization, statistical forecast model building and the creation of autonomous intelligent systems with deep neural networks.

The courses use the programming language Python and cover the whole spectrum of data science:

  1. Acquiring the Python programming skills needed for data scientists.
  2. Skills to manipulate, visualize, clean, transform, combine and analyze spreadsheet data. (Which originate from Excel, text files or data banks.)
  3. Building machine learning applications using Scikit-Learn.
  4. Building applications with deep neural networks using TensorFlow / Keras for image recognition and audio- applications.

These are hands-on courses with a strong emphasis on teaching the application of these algorithms. The theoretical aspects are also covered with the focus set on the general understanding not on research/academic level details. more about IT courses


We offer the following consulting services:

  1. General consulting where and how machine learning can be applied in your organization to your problems.
  2. Leading or accompanying machine learning projects.
  3. Programming machine learning applications.

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