Dr Erich Steiner is a mathematician and did his PhD in numerical analysis and optimization at the University of Edinburgh and his Bachelor/Master at Cambridge University.

He worked as a software engineer in the area of data management, analysis and statistical prediction models for various companies for 15 years.  The new topic of deep neural networks and in particular deep reenforcement learning interests him very much since it is very closely related to dynamic programming which was his PhD topic.

He lived in Britain for 8 years and speaks English fluently, German is his mother language, he also worked in France and Italy and speaks French and Italian enough for explanations in courses.

Dr Atle Hahn is a mathematician with a PhD in Applied Mathematics
from the University of Bonn (2001, Department for Probability Theory
and Statistics). From 2007-2017 he worked as a Researcher in Pure and Applied Mathematics and as a Lecturer at the University of Lisbon.
His fields of specialization are Mathematical Physics,  Stochastic Analysis,
Statistical Learning Theory, and Deep Learning  (in particular, Deep Reinforcement Learning).
He received scholarships from the "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes"
and the "Alexander von Humboldt-Gesellschaft", and was an invited speaker
at research institutions in Berkeley, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Beijing
and the MPI for Gravitational Physics in Potsdam. He is fluent in German, English, Portuguese, and Norwegian.