The course prices below are for courses organized in the Stuttgart area by us.
These courses include food and drink during the day but not accommodation.


For in-house courses we assume that you provide a location and food and drinks are not organized by us. We give discounts for in-house courses when the number of participants per instructor exceeds 7.


Python course:                300€, 360$, 280£         per day and participant

Pandas course:                325€, 390$, 295£         per day and participant

Scikit-Learn course:        325€, 390$, 295£       per day and participant

Deep-Learning course: 350€, 420$, 310£      per day and participant


All courses include printed course material and solutions to all exercises in electronic form.

These prices do not include VAT. For customers from Germany 19% VAT comes on top.


The primary price is the Euro (€) price. The US-dollar ($) and british pound (£) prices are indicative.


Course cancellation fees:

If you cancel the course but the number of course participants still remains 7 or more then there is no cancellation fee.  If your cancellation makes the number of course participants fall below 7 then the cancellation fee is 20%. (So if you have to cancel, we cordially ask you to do so as soon as possible.) If you cancel, of course, we will try to fill the place otherwise and save you the cancellation fee.



Please get in contact with us. Consulting fees depend very much on the circumstances. (Distance, the part of work which can be done from the home-office, ...)